Our Clients

Most organizations take care in selecting their vendors and clients, and Inclusity is no different in this respect. Our experiences have lent us insight into the qualities that make an organization more likely to succed in its culture change efforts, and we look for these qualities in every prospective client.

Inclusity typically works with only a few clients at any given time, though they come from many different industries and parts of the world . Our commitment to the client’s success, as well as the close and personal nature of our work, precludes us from servicing direct competitors of our present clients. Also, deep and enduring culture change efforts can take a great deal of time, with successful engagements often ranging from five to ten years of consistent involvement.

It is therefore very important to us that  the client’s management fully supports our training, understands the culture change process, and is willing to stand by the effort for the long term. Most of the work we do is tailored specifically for our client organizations to be as effective as possible. The result of this process is a profound and enduring change that enhances everyone’s productivity, paving the way for greater success in the future.