About Inclusity

INCLUSITY® (noun):

A high energy, productive, collaborative environment in which all individuals are valued and affirmed for their unique contributions.


Inclusity is a certified minority-owned and woman-owned company founded by Maria Arcocha White. Our workplace learning solutions focus on building and sustaining initiatives for diversity and inclusion, culture change, and leadership development.

From our headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, we manage a team of consultants residing and working in metropolitan areas across the U.S.: Atlanta, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and San Francisco.

We provide solutions for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 corporations to universities, professional sports teams and even small churches. The transformative approach of Inclusity has helped organizations of all sizes and kinds, and we’re confident it can help you.

Our Approach

Inclusity partners with organizations to support inclusive and engaged cultures, with the ultimate goal of improving bottom-line performance.

We believe that strong engagement and employee inclusion are the keys to high productivity. Global leaders today are aware that they must motivate instead of demanding, intentionally include rather than unintentionally exclude, and work for employee commitment rather than mere compliance. To achieve this, several skills related to Emotional Intelligence must be strengthened and trained:

  • Self-Knowledge – The self-awareness that helps one commit personally and encourage commitment in others.
  • Social Intelligence – The capacity to work inside and between complicated cultural and social environments.
  • Authenticity – The ability to bring one’s whole self to work, demonstrating empathy and compassion for employees and co-workers.
  • Caring coaching – The ability to manage the ineffective or inappropriate behaviors of subordinates in a way that builds self-esteem rather than tearing it down.

Some leaders possess these skills naturally or acquire them on their own during their careers, but many can benefit from training in these areas. At Inclusity we have discovered that the best place to learn is in a safe space managed by experienced facilitators, an environment where mistakes can be a learning opportunity rather than a stumbling block.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to transforming your experience with diversity and inclusion training, consulting and coaching. By focusing primarily on inclusion we help you create a workplace that attracts, retains, and develops every kind of employee. Our approach stresses individuality rather than difference, building relationships instead of putting stress on them. Allow us to show you our tools and methodology and take part in the productivity-enhancing culture change of the modern organization!